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Supported Hardware for Marlin

Posted at: TUEsday - 07/02/2017 09:41 - post name: SuperG
Supported Hardware for Marlin

Supported Hardware for Marlin

Marlin supports a wide variety of 3D printers, including all RAMPS variants, and is adaptable to virtually any Arduino-based electronics through pin-mapping – assigning the right name to each pin.

Several files in the Marlin source code provide hardware support, but the core files supporting electronics are:

  • boards.h contains the full list of boards supported by Marlin. Set MOTHERBOARD to one of the boards listed here.
  • pins.h manages pin definitions and includes the appropriate pins_BOARD.h file for the MOTHERBOARD.
  • The pins_BOARDNAME.h files contain the pin definitions for each board. Many of these just include RAMPS_13 and alter some pins.

If you're making a custom Arduino-based board, you should try to use standard RAMPS 1.3 pinouts as much as possible, or map closely with some other board that has a good layout. The more a new board is like an existing board, the easier it will be to integrate with Marlin.

Table of Contents

Supported Boards

To select your particular board, in Configuration.h file you simply change the line `#define MOTHERBOARD BOARD_RAMPS_EFB` to your particular board's name, which can be found in boards.h.

Gen 3

Generation 3 Electronics were used in the MakerBot Cupcake CNC and adapted to replace earlier generation electronics in the RepRap Darwin.


Gen3+ (ATmega644P/ATmega1284P)


Gen3 Monolithic Electronics (ATmega644P)

Gen 6

GEN6 (5)

Gen6 (ATmega644P/ATmega1284P)


Gen6 "Deluxe" (ATmega644P/ATmega1284P)

Generation 7 Electronics

GEN7_12 (11)

Generation 7 Electronics v1.1v1.2 (ATmega644P/ATmega644P/ATmega1284P)

GEN7_13 (12)

Generation 7 Electronics Generation 7 Electronics v1.3 (ATmega644P/ATmega644P/ATmega1284P)

GEN7_14 (13)

Generation 7 Electronics v1.4 (ATmega644P/ATmega644P/ATmega1284P)


Alfons3's custom Generation 7 Electronics (ATmega644P/ATmega644P/ATmega1284P)


RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield


MEGA/RAMPS up to 1.2 (ATmega1280/ATmega2560)

RAMPS_13_EFB (33)

RAMPS 1.3 / 1.4 with outputs: Extruder, Fan, Bed (ATmega1280/ATmega2560)

RAMPS_13_EEB (34)

RAMPS 1.3 / 1.4 with outputs: Extruder0, Extruder1, Bed (ATmega1280/ATmega2560)

RAMPS_13_EFF (35)

RAMPS 1.3 / 1.4 with outputs: Extruder, Fan, Fan (ATmega1280/ATmega2560)

RAMPS_13_EEF (36)

RAMPS 1.3 / 1.4 with outputs: Extruder0, Extruder1, Fan (ATmega1280/ATmega2560)


3DRAG (77)

3Drag Controller (ATmega1280/ATmega2560)

K8200 (78)

Velleman K8200 (ATmega1280/ATmega2560) is derived from 3Drag Controller and has identical pin assignments.

FELIX2 (37)

Felix 2.0+ (ATmega1280/ATmega2560)


The MKS BASE 1.0 (ATmega1280/ATmega2560) is a custom board with pin assignments nearly identical to RAMPS 1.4.


The bq WITBOX (ATmega1280/ATmega2560) is not a controller board, but an open source box cartesian RAMPS-based printer. The controller is a standard Mega2560 with RAMPS 1.4 configured for a single extruder. Essentially equivalent to RAMPS_13_EFB.


The bq Prusa i3 Hephestos (ATmega1280/ATmega2560) is not a controller board, but an open source variant of the popular Prusa i3 Mendel RepRap. The controller is a standard Mega2560 with RAMPS 1.4 configured for a single extruder.

BAM_DICE (401)

2PrintBeta BAM&DICE (ATmega1280/ATmega2560) with STK drivers. The Beta Arduino Mega (BAM) shield is a crowd-funded open source RAMPS shield with 5 slots for plugin modules instead of the standard stepper driver sockets. The DICE-STK module a stepper driver module utilizing the STK682-010-E with up to 128X micro-stepping. (A4988 also available.)

AZTEEG_X3 (67)

Azteeg X3 (ATmega1280/ATmega2560) is essentially equivalent to RAMPS_13_EFB, with specialized pins for a VIKI display.


Azteeg X3 Pro (ATmega1280/ATmega2560) is essentially equivalent to RAMPS_13_EFB, with specialized pins for a VIKI display.


Mega Controller (ATmega2560) is an all-in-one board with connectors for 2 extruders, 3 heaters, and 3 fans. Its accompanying display is the MINIPANEL, basically a standard DOGM display.



Sanguinololu < 1.2 (ATmega644P/ATmega1284P)


http://reprap.org/wiki/Sanguinololu Sanguinololu] 1.2 and above (ATmega644P/ATmega1284P)

AZTEEG_X1 (65)

Azteeg X1 (ATmega644P/ATmega1284P)

MELZI (63)

Melzi (ATmega644P/ATmega1284P)


MaKrMelzi (ATmega1284/ATmega1284P)

STB_11 (64)

STB Electronics V1.1 (ATmega1284P)



Ultimaker (ATmega1280/ATmega2560)


Ultimaker (ATmega1280/ATmega2560) with older electronics. Pre 1.5.4. This is rare!


Ultimainboard 2.x (ATmega2560) (Uses TEMP_SENSOR 20)

ReprapWorld Megatronics


Megatronics (ATmega2560)


Megatronics v2.0 (ATmega2560)


Minitronics v1.0 (ATmega1281)


http://reprap.org/wiki/Megatronics_3.0 Megatronics v3.0 (ATmega2560)

Open Motion Controller

OMCA_A (90)

Alpha Open Motion Controller (ATmega644)

OMCA (91)

Final Open Motion Controller (ATmega644P/ATmega644)



Duemilanove (ATmega328P)


2PrintBeta BAM&DICE Due (AT91SAM3X8E) with STK drivers. This variant of the BAM&DICE is made for the Due instead of the Mega.

Other AT90USB1286


Printrboard (AT90USB1286)

5DPRINT (88)

The 5DPrint D8 Controller (AT90USB1286) is an open source 3D printer controller, designed for controlling the MakiBox A6 and other RepRap type/small consumer grade 3D printers.


Brainwave Pro (AT90USB1286)

SAV_MKI (83)

The SAV Mk-I (AT90USB1286) is an improvement on the previous production-grade electronics set (Gen6, Sanguinololu) addressing many shortcomings, designed and developed with contributions and feedback from the RepRap CloneWars group in Spain.


Teensylu (AT90USB1286)

TEENSY2 (84)

Teensy++2.0 (AT90USB1286)
To compile from the command-line:


Other ATmega2560

RUMBA (80)

RUMBA (ATmega2560)


Cheaptronic v1.0 (ATmega2560)

ELEFU_3 (21)

Elefu Ra v3 (ATmega2560)


Leapfrog (ATmega1280/ATmega2560)

RAMBO (301)

RAMBo (ATmega2560)



Brainwave (AT90USB646)

SETHI (20)

Sethi 3D 1E (ATmega644P/ATmega644/ATmega1284P)

Supported Add-ons

LCD Controllers

SD Cards

Filament Width Sensor

Filament Runout Sensor

BlinkM Color LEDs


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