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A standalone 3D printing controller powered by MatterControl

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What's the correct procedure, in my case, for properly re-calibrating the bed? How did the team who assembled the printer get to that magical 1.45mm value? What adjustments do I need to make to the supports on the Z-Axis in order to get a consistent Z-Axis offset again? I am using MatterControl.

MatterControl - 3D Printing Software



Plug & Print 
Preloaded configurations make setting up your desktop 3D printer a snap.


SMS & Email Notifications 
Your 3D printer can now send you a text message or email alert when the job is finished.


Drag & Drop Queueing 
Easy workflow management tools take the hassle out of complex projects.


Advanced Plating 
Automatically detect multiple parts within a single design file and then individually manipulate, scale, rotate, and mirror those parts.


Design Library 
Organize, search and manage your library of 3D printable designs.


Advanced tools 

Just because it's easy to use doesn't mean you can't tweak, modify, and calibrate to your heart's desire.

MatterControl Print Queue
MatterControl is a free, Open Source software package that lets you organize and manage your 3D prints. It's designed to help you get the most out of your 3D printer - making it easy to track, preview, and print your 3D parts.

Preview your print ahead of time in multiple ways - layer-by-layer or in all of its 3D glory. Say goodbye to juggling gcode files - MatterControl slices your parts on demand with your current settings.


MatterControl brings simplicity to turning digital designs into perfect 3D prints - it's an all-in-one 3D printing software platform that includes all the tools you need to turn your design into reality.


Version Platform File
1.5 Windows MatterControlSetup-1.5.3.exe
1.5 Mac OS X MatterControlSetup-1.5.3.pkg
1.5 Linux MatterControlSetup-1.5.0.tar.gz


What does MatterControl do?

MatterControl is a 3D printing software application that allows you to organize your 3D printable design and helps manage the process of printing those designs on a 3D printer. Specifically, MatterControl communicates with your 3D printer, sending it the instructions needed to make your part.

How much does it cost?

MatterControl software is 100% free! In the future, we may provide optional features as paid plug-ins, but MatterControl at its core will always be free.

Will it work with my 3D printer?

MatterControl works with most open standard desktop 3D printers. If you have questions about a particular model just ask. A list of pre-loaded models can be found here.

How does 'Plug and Print' setup work?

MatterControl comes pre-configured with the settings and drivers for a number of desktop 3D printers. When you add one of these 'Plug and Print' supported printers, information such as bed size, nozzle diameter, and other hardware features will be automatically loaded into MatterControl, making it that much easier and faster to get to what you really want to do: 3D printing.

We are constantly adding 'Plug and Print' support for new printers. If you don't see your printer in the list yet - don't worry! It is still easy to setup your printer using the settings provided by your manufacturer.

Can I create 3D objects within MatterControl?

While MatterControl isn't a general design tool it does include design plugins that can simplify certain design tasks. For example, with the 'Text Creator', 'Braille Builder' and 'Image Converter' tools you can create custom 3D printable designs.

Can I edit 3D objects within MatterControl?

You can perform minor edits like resizing and realigning your parts for better printing in the 3D View. You can also add, duplicate and remove parts on to a design.

Will MatterControl work on my operating system?

MatterControl software is currently available for Windows PC (Vista and higher), Mac OSX (10.7 or above) and Linux.

Is there a mobile app?

Not yet!


Where can I download MatterControl?


You can download the latest MatterControl software here. Remember to select the download appropriate to your system (ie Mac, PC, Linux, etc.).

How do I update MatterControl?

MatterControl is under continuous development which means we are constantly rolling out awesome new updates. Keep your application up to date by clicking 'Check for Updates'. If there is an update available, you will be prompted to download and install the new version.

I need a specific feature, can MatterControl be customized?

Yes, we do offer customization services. Please contact MatterHackers for more information.


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Any 3D printer that runs G-Code

Any 3D printer that runs X3G (as of 1.4)

More 3D printer models are being added all the time - if you don't see your model available check out this article about MatterControl compatibility.


What types of files can I 3D print with MatterControl?

MatterControl supports .stl, .amf and .gcode. If your file is in .obj or any other file type, you will need to convert your file to an .stl or .amf format. If you created the design yourself, your program should have an option to export into an .stl file.

My 3D printer uses an SD card - can I still use MatterControl software?

Yes! One of the optional ways to use MatterControl is in conjunction with an SD card - you can setup a queue of files to print in MatterControl and then export the '.gcode' files to an SD card.

Can I import my settings from another software application?

Yes, some slicing programs will export slice settings to an .ini, such files can be imported into MatterControl.

Can I save the settings for multiple printers in MatterControl?

Yes! MatterControl allows you to save an unlimited number of profiles, which can represent different printers, different materials etc.


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