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Flashforge Creator 3D Printer (Wood Case)

Posted at: THUrsday - 30/06/2016 10:19 - post name: SuperG
Flashforge Creator 3D Printer

Flashforge Creator 3D Printer

Flashforge Finder is a 3D Printer suitable for beginner. Finder is a single nozzle 3D Printer which allows users to do 3D printing with PLA materials.


Flashforge Creator 3D Printer (Wood Case)
Build Volume of 300 Cubic Inches
100-Micron Layer Resolution
Dual-Extrusion 3D Printing
Uses PLA & ABS Plastic Filaments
USB and SD Card Connectivity
Heated Build Platform
Integrated LCD Screen
Built-in Touch-Responsive Keypads
Mac, Windows, & Linux Compatible
Laser-Cut Wood Case

​It is also easy to control Flashforge Finder 3D Printer. As Flashforge Finder with a 3.5 inch full color touchscreen has a built-in assisted platform calibration system and comes with a user-friendly 3D printing software Flashprint, it will not take a long time for beginnerschildren or students to understand how to control a whole 3D printing process. 

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